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The Dohring Company specialized in primary research. The company did not rely on existing data and databases to obtain data. It obtained information directly from individual respondents from whom our clients wished to obtain information. The Dohring Company used online surveys extensively but also utilized telephone surveys and other means of gathering data based on the objectives of the study.

Each survey was customized to meet the objectives of each study. The following are some of the most common types of studies conducted by The Dohring Company:

  • Advertising-effectiveness studies
  • Advertising-impression testing
  • Attitude/product usage studies
  • Awareness measurement
  • Concept testing
  • Copy testing
  • Customer-satisfaction studies
  • Demographic analysis
  • Dissatisfaction/problem detection
  • Emotional-response measurement
  • Employee-satisfaction studies
  • Executive/professional in-depth interviewing
  • Ethnic studies
  • Healthcare service research
  • Image and positioning studies
  • In-store research
  • International research
  • Internet research
  • Media research
  • New-product research
  • Omnibus studies
  • Package tests
  • Pre- and post-advertising awareness
  • Pricing studies
  • Product-positioning studies
  • Product tests
  • Public opinion research
  • Taste testing
  • Test-market studies
  • Tracking studies
  • Website research

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